Customers Are The Lifeblood Of Your Business And…

You need traffic to your social sites, website & business & the content that’s on those sites needs to qualify & interest people enough to visit or call you.

Online Reviews

customer trafficThe online reputation of your business is the conversion factor that many business owners either completely overlook or they don’t understand how much of the conversion factor their online reputation is for their business.

92% of all consumers read online reviews before making a buying decision and 97% of those consumers that are under the age of 35 use only online reviews to make their buying decision.

If you don’t have one of the best online reputations for the product or service being sought, you will lose a business to a competitor that has a better online reputation.

Showcasing your reputation on each of your digital storefronts is important because that means a potential customer can make their decision quicker and many consumers are in a hurry.

Delivering a five-star experience to your customers, getting them to leave reviews for you and online directories such as Google, Facebook, Yelp and others that are important to your niche is very important to the success of your business.

Marketing that five-star online reputation will help you become the dominant player in your market.

Social Media Cover Images

Almost every business that has a social media presence is letting valuable marketing space go to waste.

I’m talking about the social media cover images which take up anywhere from 30% to 60% of the visible page when a person first lands on your social media profile.

Some businesses have no cover image and others might have very good looking cover images as long as they are viewed on a desktop computer.

They may, however, look horrible when viewed on a mobile device because that particular social site chops off part of their image to show on a mobile device.

In addition to the problem I just mentioned, very few of the cover images do one of the three things mentioned below:

  • effectively market the brand
  • effectively market their online reputation
  • present an offer to visitors

If you visit, you can scroll through the different types of social covers that can be created to make each social cover image more effective.

The social media cover image for your business is a great place to showcase your reputation.

Paid Advertising

If you do any type of paid advertising which could include PPC or Retarget Marketing, you may be leaving money on the table if you aren’t using rep ads or other high converting ads similar to the ones that are shown in the samples at

I’ve stated above and elsewhere on this site that building a five-star reputation then marketing that reputation online is vital to your business success.

When you market your reputation on your social media sites, it’s reaching people that are already your fans.

Marketing your reputation using paid advertising such as promoted posts, retarget marketing or the display ad network allows you to reach a targeted market that isn’t already a fan.

Retarget marketing, for those that are using it and aren’t familiar with it, is a very affordable way to keep reminding people that have visited your website about the product or service that they were looking at while they were visiting.

Most, if not all, big companies use retarget marketing and some medium-sized businesses also use it but very few local business owners use retarget marketing because they either don’t understand it or they think it’s too expensive for their business. Unfortunately, very few businesses of any size use this platform to showcase their great reputation which would help them stand out from the competitors. You can see examples of what a rep ad that could be used in this marketing strategy might look like by visiting and going through the available templates.

While you are there, enter your information to claim a free ad while the offer is still available.

Email Marketing And SMS Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to build relationships with your customer base by keeping them informed of what’s going on in your business and how they can get the maximum use out of your products or services.

It’s also a great way to send promotions to people that already have a certain amount of know, like and trust with your business.

SMS marketing is a great way to send reminders to people that have appointments with you which reduces the number of missed appointments.

You can also use SMS to get a quick promotion out that’s effective only for a few hours on a day or time that’s normally slow.


Each traffic generation method mentioned above has the ability to bring targeted and presold traffic to your website or business.

Out of all of these, your online reviews are the single biggest factor in helping increase conversions (make more sales).

Like it or not, a good online reputation is a must if you want to establish or expand your business.

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Customers Are The Lifeblood Of Your Business And…

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