Why Fake Reviews Are Bad Business


Your business will live and die by your online reputation. More people than you know will be able to spot a fake review which is bad. See why below.

The article below was published on Manta and it does a good job of explaining exactly

Why You Should Never Review Your Own Business


Trying to boost your online reputation with fake reviews will only backfire and hurt your business. Rely on honest feedback from real customers instead.

Your business’ online reputation is shaped by many elements, including your website content, social media posts, third-party reviews and testimonials. And as more customers research companies online, it’s never been more crucial to a business’ success. For example, if you search for a nearby business on your smartphone only to see a page full of poor reviews, you’re not likely to make a beeline for it.

Since reviews are written by customers, some business owners may feel frustrated by a lack of control over such an important pillar of digital marketing. So, is it okay to goose that star rating a little by reviewing your own business?

The short answer: No.

Here’s why: Not only is this unethical (and grounds for termination from some review sites), you’re likely to get caught. Savvy customers can often sniff out a fake review, especially if it’s too glowing or recites corporate talking points. Customers expect reviews to be unbiased, and will not respond well to reviews written by you, your friends or family members posing as customers.

Even asking customers specifically for a positive review is not recommended. “Instead, encourage past customers to share honest feedback about their experience with your company to help you continue to improve your customer experience over time,” said Pat Ahern, director of traffic generation at Junto Digital.

Remember, only genuine words from genuine customers will make a genuine impact.

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If you take the time to build a five-star culture within your business then market that reputation online, you may find out that approximately 80% of all new business will come directly from your online reviews.

An online marketing consultant with the right processes and systems can make the job of collecting the reviews your customers leave online then marketing those reviews to your website and social media sites much easier than you can do-it-yourself.

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Why Fake Reviews Are Bad Business

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