Is Your Marketing Mindset Hindering Business Growth?


You know marketing is essential for business growth but did you know your attitude towards marketing can influence its success or failure. Read On to see why.

Marketing Is A Necessary Evil

Business owners with this mindset frequently have the opinion that all marketers are out to manipulate the consumers so they either try to avoid doing any marketing or they try to market using the wrong message.

They see traditional copywriting that has worked for years as a manipulative mind game that must be avoided at all cost because it doesn’t coincide with their belief system.

Unfortunately, too many of these business owners let their personal beliefs and feelings get in the way of sound business practices.

Traditional marketing methods quite often use neuro-linguistic programming in the marketing message to help the consumer take the desired action.

On the surface, this may seem like you are using something negative or underhanded to get your way but that isn’t always the case.

In today’s world, almost everyone is in a hurry and in order to get their attention you need to use a message that they are custom to seeing if you want to help them see you as the perfect provider of the solution to their problem.

Marketing Is An Opportunity

Business owners that see marketing as an opportunity know that the message they are putting out in the marketplace is meant to help someone see that their business as the perfect solution for their problem.

Because they believe that their solution is the right solution and that they are there to help the consumer, they don’t see the marketing message as manipulative.

When you allow personal feelings and beliefs to get in the way of helping people find the product or service that they need to solve a problem, you are failing to help a person that needs help even though you state that your reason for being in business is to help them.

A business owner that truly wants to help their customers should place their personal beliefs on hold when marketing unless those personal beliefs are so overpowering that there’s no way for them to develop a successful marketing message on their own.

If this is the case, they need to find a new way to reach the people in need their products or services or they need to try to find a different type of business.

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Is Your Marketing Mindset Hindering Business Growth?

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