5 Small Business Website Tips

Your business website is a virtual storefront that represents your business and these five tips are meant to help you create a good first impression.

websiteAs a digital representation of your business, your company website needs to represent your brand well in addition to describing who you are as a business, what problems you help solve and why you should be chosen as the best solution.

The five tips mentioned in this article will apply to professionals doing your website for you and to you if you choose the DIY approach.

Your website, your directory listings or your various social media profiles may be your only opportunity to make a good first impression so put your best foot forward and make sure your information is consistent across all of your virtual storefronts.

Make Your Contact Information Easy To Find

Every page of your website should have the following information where it’s easy to see and use:

  • business name
  • address
  • business phone number
  • business hours
  • alternative contact methods

If you have multiple locations, you should have links that point to the page for each location that gives people an easy way to find the above information and to get directions.

Use Good Photos Or Images

Good photographs of you and your team will help people associate faces with your business before they even come into your store.

Most of the smart phones that are being used today have excellent cameras so you can probably take some really good photographs yourself. (These photographs must look neat and professional for them to benefit you, your staff and your customers.)

There are times when it would be worth the expense to hire a professional to get not only staff shots but product shots or a series of photos that showcase the services you provide.

Your Website MUST Be Mobile Friendly

60% or more of your prospective customers are using their mobile device to find the information they want and need.

If your website doesn’t meet the following criteria, one of your competitors will probably get the business instead of you. These criteria are:

  • the website needs to load in 3 seconds or less
  • the information that’s being sought must be easy to find without pinching and zooming or scrolling horizontally
  • navigation must be easy and straightforward
  • users want to be able to tap a button to call you

Google is starting to reward business websites that offer a consistent user experience across all devices by placing them higher in the search results than sites that are not as mobile friendly.

Keep Your Content Focused

People want instant gratification, especially when on a mobile device, so give them what they want to know without adding a lot of fluff.

Your website needs to answer common questions such as:

  • where you are located
  • what hours you are open
  • how to get to you
  • what products or services you offer
  • what your prices are or how they can get a quote
  • some background on your company
  • what other customers are saying about you
  • how they can get additional questions answered quickly

None of this information should be more than one click away from the home page. (You will lose approximately 50% of the people that access your website for each additional click that has to be made.)

A blog where additional original content is added on a consistent basis will help you build authority in your marketplace because you are showcasing your expertise.

Every Page Of Your Website Should Have A Call To Action

A call to action clearly tells the person on the page that you want to engage with them. You can have many different types of call to actions on your website and some of the most common are:

  • call you
  • visit your store
  • make a purchase online
  • join you on social media
  • leave a comment on your blog post
  • share your business with a friend

Of the many different calls to action that can be used, the one you choose on any given page will be influenced by the content of that page.

Many people will visit your site and leave without interacting with it or your business if you don’t ask them to do something.

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5 Small Business Website Tips

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