You’ve probably seen the high priced seminars and home study courses that under deliver AFTER you’ve paid. This training over delivers with NO cost to you.

A group of successful online business people has taken 1 month out of the year to teach anyone that has the desire how to start making money online. This is the fourth year they’ve done this and the training varies every year. The internet is changing rapidly and their training is modified to adapt to this rapidly changing environment.

You can be the greenest of the green when it comes to marketing online or be more experienced. I’m willing to bet you’ll learn something useful AND possibly make some new friends or business contacts along the way.

I participated in the training last year and I’m looking forward to the Thirty Day Challenge again this year and I hope you join me.

The people that benefited most from last year’s challenge were people that had offline stores as well as online. I believe this is because they already knew their niche and target audience. By combining that knowledge with the online training they received, many were able to significantly increase their exposure and income.

I saw several people report in the forums that the Thirty Day Challenge let them make their first dollar ever online. Still others reported that valued business alliances, joint ventures and friendships have developed as a result of the free training we all received.

I’d love to have you join me in the Thirty Day Challenge this year.

A Free Priceless Business Education
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