Of all the niche marketing training courses I’ve seen, the Thirty Day Challenge is the most straight forward, easiest to learn AND most interactive I’ve seen.

The staff of this free training is excellent AND they genuinely want to help everyone that participates succeed for two reasons.

  • Once we learn the basics, we might be more inclined to become a paying customer of their service that teaches the much more advanced stuff. (There is NO sales pitch during the free 30 day training.)
  • I believe these people genuinely WANT to help others make money online without being scammed AND they enjoy themselves while giving something back to the internet community.

This is the 4th year these guys and gals have been doing this and EVERY year more people participate because we aren’t taught the same old rehashed junk. 

New technologies are introduced OR new ways of using existing technologies or techniques are introduced and even those with some experience may pick up a trick or two.

Those of us that participated last year have already seen that this years event will probably teach us how to use some of the online streaming video technologies to produce our own podcasts in ANY niche.

I especially like that we are encouraged to work in teams of 3-5 members so we can challenge AND help each other succeed. These groups often evolve into mastermind groups as friendships are forged.

The target of your business doesn’t matter to me because I think the Thirty Day Challenge can help make it better.

Why The Thirty Day Challenge?

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