3 Ranking Factors For Google Local


Being highly visible in Google and other search engines is now more important than ever. Here are three ranking factors on why online marketing is vital.

finding local business on google
Finding local business on Google

More than half of all households in the United States are now cell phone only and many of these households consist of Millennial’s that grew up with the Internet and cell phones.

Their smart phone is the go to device for almost everything and this includes:

  • their alarm clock
  • their GPS navigation system
  • their notepad
  • their social media access point
  • their news source
  • their research device
  • their telephone
  • their phone book (Yellow Pages)

For this younger generation if they can’t find it on the first page of Google, on Facebook or on e-commerce sites like Amazon, it must not be available.

This doesn’t mean that your brick-and-mortar store isn’t important.

More than 80% of Millennial’s and 69% of Gen Xers want the in-store experience even though they often look online to find information and reviews about the products and vendors before they shop.

The days of them picking up a printed phone book, newspaper or printed card deck may not be completely dead but the percentage of them that are using them is very small.

The three ranking factors are:

  • relevance
  • proximity
  • prominence


Local listings on Google and other local directories place your business in general categories such as plumber, dentist, etc. so it’s hard to distinguish your business from that of a competitor from that little bit of information.

Many consumers today are savvy enough to know that they need to search for cosmetic dentist, emergency plumber, etc. to find the most relevant results.

The description that you place on your business listing, the image titles, quality of the images, the number of images and your online reputation all help consumers and search engines determine your relevance.

Since there are multiple local directories in addition to Google that your prospects may look at, you need to have 6 to 10 online reviews on each major directory before many consumers consider you trustworthy enough to get their business.

Additionally, the number and quality of these online reviews are another way to distinguish yourself from your competitors when they may have no reviews on a specific local directory or limited numbers of reviews.

You need a constant supply of glowing reviews on each directory to stay relevant because many consumers discount a review that’s older than six months.

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How far your business is located from the consumer when they do a search also affects where you show up in the Google search results.

If your site is optimized and your listing is optimized to show your name, address, phone number and business hours and a competitor site is not, it may help you even if they are closer.

Additionally, your distance from a consumer might not matter as much if your online reputation on Google is better than your competitor.


This one is a little harder to achieve unless you are already a celebrity in your community which most of us aren’t.

Without the celebrity status you will have to rely on:

  • quality website content that’s added on a consistent basis
  • press releases
  • becoming an active part of the community so that your name becomes more well known
  • sponsor fundraisers or local sports teams
  • building up your social media profiles and adding content to them on a consistent basis
  • use videos to do product demonstrations or how to videos
  • acquire links from relevant sites
  • continuously work to build a five-star online reputation

Get your employees involved in a brainstorming session to get their input on additional ways that you can increase your visibility and become THE place that consumers want to shop.

Never forget that being prominent in your community is important but when friends, family and coworkers refer your business they usually don’t remember your phone number and address so they tell their friends to Google it.

When your business name is typed into Google, your online reputation is exposed as a star rating in addition to your name, address and phone. Your online reputation for other local directories is also shown in the search results.

If you have reviews on Facebook, your star rating there will also be shown in the Google search results.

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Reputation Marketing is a great way to make sure that you are more relevant in the local directories by having a system that helps you build your online reputation to collect more customer reviews.

The customer can then be asked to share their review on one of three different local directory sites.

In addition to that, a good system will market your reviews to your different social media sites.

Another good way to market your reviews is to turn them into Hollywood style video review commercials like this one that can be shared across different video sharing sites.

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3 Ranking Factors For Google Local

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