4 Tips On How To Retain Customers Or Win Back Unhappy Ones


Things go wrong in business & how you respond as a business owner is often the difference between keeping a customer or losing one. Check out these four tips.

1. Manage Expectations

customer retention strategyYou and your staff must clearly state what your product or service will deliver or the chances of having an unhappy customer will increase dramatically.

Not only do you have to stated, you need to make sure that the customer fully understands what they were just told.

Communication is key and setting expectations that clearly outline what is expected from both the business and the consumer when it comes to a service will drastically reduce the chances that you will have an unhappy customer.

When a salesperson talks to a potential customer about buying a product, they should take the time to find out how that product is going to be used so that they can tell the customer whether or not the product will solve the problem they are trying to fix.

Setting expectations should be part of good customer service and failure to do so could generate a bad customer experience which may lead to a less than favorable online review.

If, however, properly set the expectations can generate a happy customer.

A happy customer puts your business in a position where that customer may return to buy from you again and getting a positive review online could happen.

2. Respond Appropriately

Everyone can have a bad day, which includes you, your staff and your customers. Because of this, mistakes can happen and they may be real or an imagined but the result is that the customer feels that they had a bad experience with your business.

It’s important that you do not take the negative response from these customers personally and that you respond appropriately.

Any overreaction from you, especially when posted online, could only lose you a customer and make it look like your business provides poor customer service.

3. Be Personal In Your Response

If a negative review is left online, personally and professionally respond to it online and invite the customer to contact you to see if you can resolve the situation.

When you have the customer’s contact information, call them and hand write a personal apology that you send through the mail.

Handwritten notes and handwritten apologies are rare so they seem more sincere and have a higher perceived level of trust and value.

If it’s a new customer, offer to give them a refund and if it’s an existing customer you may have other paths that you can utilize as an apology. (A free upgrade to a product or service you sell are two potential options.)

4. Fix The Process Or Product

You may occasionally receive a customer complaint that reveals a flaw in the process used to deliver your service or a defect in one of your products.

If and when this happens, reach out to the customer and thank them for pointing it out to you and then contact them again once the issue has been resolved.

Additionally, you should find a way to reward them for pointing out a problem that you didn’t know existed.

The actual reward may not be as important to the customer as knowing that you value their feedback and them as a customer.

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4 Tips On How To Retain Customers Or Win Back Unhappy Ones

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