Does Your Local Business Have A Residual Income Option?


If your local business doesn’t have a way for it to generate a residual income for you, you’re putting your business and your family at risk. See why.

Any local business that does not have a residual income component is just a different type of job.

With a traditional job, you either worked for an hourly wage which meant you were trading your time for dollars but salaried employees get a flat rate regardless of the number of hours they work unless bonuses are built into the pay structure.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to work for any reason, your income will stop after a certain period of time even if you have sick days as a perk.

As a local business owner, your income is based on revenue generated by you and your employees, if you’re lucky enough to have employees that require little to no supervision when you are present.

If you are unable to work for an extended period of time, your local business may falter because you might not have adequate systems in place to generate revenue, to manage employees and to perform a variety of other tasks that have to be completed to keep the doors open.

Local business owners that have a residual income stream built into their business can count on that income to continue with minimal supervision when life or health make working difficult if not impossible.

Some of the things that might make it difficult, if not impossible, to work are:

  • tornadoes
  • floods
  • fires
  • cancer
  • a bad heart
  • pneumonia
  • and many, many more

When you have a residual income, you can face these challenges plus a pleasures in life that you want to enjoy without having to worry about whether or not you have enough money to pay the bills every month.

A residual income gives you freedom to enjoy life on your terms while helping people solve their problems in your community and beyond.

Everyone deserves a life that they enjoy but only those people that are willing to face it head on and create an income that comes in automatically will get to enjoy what they deserve.

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Does Your Local Business Have A Residual Income Option?

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