Why Your Local Business Needs A Balanced Marketing Plan And…


A balanced marketing plan and a good online reputation are a must for your local business if you want to attract and keep good customers. See why below.

A Good Online Reputation

marketingThe closer your online reputation is to being a five-star reputation the easier it will be to attract presold customers.

92% of polled consumers stated that they read online reviews before they make a buying decision and 97% of 18 – 34 year olds stated that they make their buying decision from the online reviews that they read.

With this many people reading online reviews and a large percentage of them making their buying decisions from the online reviews that they read, can you afford not to have a good online reputation for your business?

Unfortunately, too many local businesses don’t understand the value and importance of having a good online reputation that is kept fresh by consistently asking and getting customers to leave reviews online about their experience with the business, their products or their services.

A consistent supply of four and five star reviews is what consumers are using to decide whether or not they can trust you and want to do business with you.

Businesses, like yours, that have the systems in place where they have a five-star culture within their business and the system where they are consistently getting new reviews on the different local directories are seen as much as 80% of all new business coming from consumers that are making their decision to patronize them ONLY by reading the reviews.

A good online reputation is the one thing that is almost guaranteed to increase conversions on almost any type of advertising that you do.

Marketing Methods

Some of the types of marketing that you can and should do are:

  • an SEO optimized branded website
  • content marketing
  • traditional SEO
  • a virtual storefront in as many of the major online directories and niche directories that are related to your business as possible
  • consistent branding from your website, your social media sites and the online directories whenever possible
  • social media marketing
  • retargeting PPC
  • media buying (display advertising)
  • text message marketing
  • off-line marketing (postcards, flyers, paid ads, etc.)

Unfortunately, none of these will bring in as many customers as you hope if you don’t first establish a good online reputation.

You MUST have a good ROI to justify any of the above methods of advertising but that just cannot happen if you choose to ignore the fact that your customers look up your reputation online BEFORE they pick up the phone or choose any other method to get in touch with you.

Visit youronlinereputationexposed.com to see what your current online visibility and reputation looks like.

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Why Your Local Business Needs A Balanced Marketing Plan And…

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