SEO Tips for Beginners was created to help webmasters, blog owners and article writers understand the importance of using search engine optimization both on page and off page.

There are a lot of books, articles and courses available both for free and as paid for products or services but many of them are too expensive, too advanced or both. I realize that many people have no desire to become an expert at search engine optimization BUT you NEED to learn the basics so you can determine whether the web designer, SEO professional you are thinking of hiring or the ghost writer is paying attention to SEO and is qualified to do the job you want done. 

A $2.99 per month membership level was created so everyone can afford it and there is a 30 day money back guarantee so you can examine the lessons that are currently in place, ask questions and decide whether you believe I am qualified to teach you the basics.

You are in business to make money and YOU must make the decision as to whether SEO Tips for Beginners will provide enough educational value to move your business forward. 

Head over to SEO Tips for Beginners and see if this fits your needs or desires and don’t forget to check out the member bonuses.

Introducing SEO Tips for Beginners

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