Newsflash Facebook Change Presents Rare Opportunity For Business Pages


A recent Facebook change gives you the ability to make the Facebook cover work for them. Most business pages are taking advantage of this opportunity. Are you?

The change I’m talking about is the ability to upload a 20 to 90 second video for use as your Facebook page cover.

This means you can now use the space that covers almost half of the visible page to do one of the following:

  • showcase your five-star reputation
  • showcase a special offer
  • showcase your employees
  • showcase the product or service
  • and more

If done correctly, your video will look good across all devices.

This change will let you send Facebook traffic directly to your page from ads where the video can presell the prospect for you.

Since most of your competitors either don’t know about this recent change or they haven’t figured out how to take advantage of this rare opportunity, you have a chance to get a head start on them.

This feature is so new that you sometimes have to play with Facebook to get it to show the option that allows you to upload a video as your cover.

Additionally, you need a unique sized video for to show properly on Facebook and on mobile devices.

Facebook cover videos show and play on mobile devices where the Facebook app is being used.

Unfortunately, pages that are accessed from a mobile web browser will show a static image instead of playing the video.

Here’s an image of my Facebook business page video cover with a video that looks good on different devices using the Facebook app when not on a desktop or laptop computer.

Facebook Video Cover

Call (863) 274-1859 if you would like to have a video done for your business page at a reasonable price.

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Newsflash Facebook Change Presents Rare Opportunity For Business Pages

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