5 Things Complicating Online Marketing For Local Businesses

Online marketing is a must for local business but many don’t know where to start and want to focus on first. Here’s what’s making it more complex.

There are 5 things that are making it harder for local business owners to figure out where to start and here are just a few of the things that are complicating the marketing landscape:

  • the smart phone pushing everything to mobile first
  • the steadily increasing number and prices of PPC ads on the search results pages
  • the ever increasing importance of having a good online reputation across multiple online directories and search engines
  • the need to have a social media presence on multiple platforms
  • the need to consistently have fresh content on your website, on each social media platform and elsewhere

The Smart Phone Factor

Many of your customers use their smart phone as a phone book, a GPS, a research tool for everything, a shopping comparison guide and much, much more.

Since this device is used to frequently access Google and other search engines or local directories to get directions to a local business, to find out how to contact the business, to check out the business hours of a local business, to look up the online reputation of a local business, to see if a business carries the products or services they need and more its more important than never for you make this information as easy to find as possible regardless of the device that’s being used.

The smart phone is the primary device used for almost everything by many people which is making the search engines and the social media platforms modify the way they do business to remain relevant.

The PPC Explosion

Google has changed their platform so much that the only thing you see above the fold on most devices for many searches are PPC ads that are either text based or product listings.

Because of this, many business owners are finding it necessary to spend money on product listing ads and to use retargeting display ads to increase traffic to their website because there isn’t as much organic traffic as there used to be because the results are lower on the page.

Retargeting, when done only through Google, only reaches about 30% of your audience but retargeting is affordable and good display ads generally create a good ROI for the business owner.

Visit Amazing Ad Designs to see different design samples and claim a free ad that will help you get started in retargeting.

Online Reputation

92% of consumers admit to reading online reviews about a product or business before they make a purchase and 97% of 18-34-year-olds use the online reputation to decide whether or not they are going to make a purchase from you or a competitor.

Google, the other search engines, and online directories know how important your reputation is to consumers so they prominently show that reputation in the results.

Consumers typically read 6-10 reviews before they feel they can trust a business or a product.

If all things are equal in the eyes of Google between two local businesses in a niche, the business with the best reputation typically does better in both the local listings and the organic results.

In fact, your online reputation and your SEO efforts are so intertwined that you need to do both well to achieve the results that you want in the organic results.

A Social Media Presence

Almost every one of your customers uses one or more social media platforms on a regular basis. With its 2 billion+ users, Facebook is almost mandatory for every business.

In addition to being a social media platform, Facebook has its own search engine and businesses can create places pages where customers can leave reviews or get directions to your business.

Once you have a certain number of reviews on your Facebook business page, your star rating will show up in the Facebook search results.

Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and others all have respectable user numbers and fans that are dedicated to the platform they use.

Fresh Content

Search engines, especially Google, love high quality content is posted on a regular basis on your website.

Fresh content can come in many forms some of which are:

  • blog articles
  • videos with the transcription
  • podcasts
  • informational images (infographics)
  • curated content

You don’t always have to generate the content yourself.

The important thing is that you take the time to add your thoughts to whatever your adding so that it’s unique to you.

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5 Things Complicating Online Marketing For Local Businesses
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