Is Your Business Ready For The Retirement Of Adobe Flash?


For years Adobe flash was to go to application for businesses that want animation on their website. No longer. Are you ready for its retirement in 2020?

Some of the things that could be affected are:

  • websites (sites that are built completely using flash)
  • website headers that contain flash programming
  • logos that were created using flash programming
  • YouTube videos that were embedded using the flash code offered by YouTube
  • any other embed code that relies on flash

Most websites that have embedded YouTube videos simply grab the code offered up by YouTube and drop it on the page which was fine up until now.

Like other website developers, YouTube is going to have to have their programmers change the embed code to another format that webmasters can grab in place on their webpages.

This may be somewhat complicated because many websites that exist do not use HTML 5 or another standard that’s going to be universal for processing the code that’s given to us.

If your website isn’t currently using HTML 5 coding, I suggest that you have it updated so that it uses this new standard that makes display across almost all devices look good.

WordPress has been changing the code that powers about 18% of the most popular websites on the Internet so that is HTML 5 ready.

Since the core script has been updated to the new standard, users that add new content through the visual editor are using the new standard so they don’t have to worry about flash being retired.

Unfortunately, many webmasters still grab the embed code that relies on flash which means they will have to go back to any page that has video that was embedded using the fly script and manually edit that page so that it uses HTML 5 or the content will not display properly in the coming years.

Some browsers will start disabling flash by default in 2018 so that the user will have to tell the browser on a case-by-case basis whether or not they wish to allow flash programming to be displayed on any given site.

Two of the reasons that flash is being discontinued are that the programming is viewed as a security risk and it often contributes to browser crashes.

The official end of life for this programming language isn’t until 2020 but you need to start making changes now so that your sites and pages will continue to display all of your content.

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Is Your Business Ready For The Retirement Of Adobe Flash?
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