Online Review Monitoring Is A Must For Your Local Business


If you aren’t doing online review monitoring & management for your local business, you’re putting your future growth & possibly survival at risk. Read more.

Here are some stats that explain why online reviews about your business should be important to you:

  • 92% of all consumers stated that they read online reviews before they make a buying decision
  • 97% of consumers between 18-34 use only online reviews to make their buying decision
  • 84% of consumers that were polled in 2016 stated that they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family

This should clearly illustrate that online reviews are vital to your business.

Online reviews by happy customers are the new word-of-mouth advertising.

Traditional word-of-mouth advertising is one to one but online reviews are one to many and it is there for everyone to see forever unless the reviewer removes it from the Internet.

Since online reviews are available for everyone to read and they remain there for an extended period of time, each new review that is added on each directory is helping build your brand and your authority in your market.

These online reviews are also business assets that you can use in marketing and others can use to determine the value of your business if you decide to sell to us prospective buyer.

Getting a steady supply of fresh reviews is important because prospective customers start discounting reviews once they are six months old.

You may have provided an excellent product or service six months ago or longer but there’s no guarantee that the quality is still there if there are no current reviews to tell the prospects that you are still an excellent place to conduct their business.

online review marketingIf you put the right systems in place to consistently ask for new reviews, your fresh reviews are new content for the online directory or social media site that gets the new review.

A smart business owner will then take these reviews and market them on their website and on their social media sites which will help increase their social media signals, it will also help with SEO in this fresh content for each platform that you post it on.

Visit today to see what your online reputation looks like.

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Online Review Monitoring Is A Must For Your Local Business

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