The debate over whether organic search or PPC (Pay Per Click) is better has been ongoing for quite some time. Your testing gives the answer for you.

Organic Search

Organic search refers to the natural results found on the search engine results pages (SERPs) when someone types in a specific word or phrase to find something.

Unless you are VERY good at keyword research, it takes a lot of time to make it to the first two pages of the SERPs and to stay there.

SEO for Beginners teaches the basics that will give you the skills necessary to get a good start but search engine optimization is a never ending process, or it should be.

PPC Pay Per Click

PPC refers to advertising where you are charged on a per click basis. These ads are shown above, below and to the right of the SERPs in search engines as well as on some web pages.

The effectiveness of the results from either is dependent on how well you did your keyword research before starting either campaign.

Both types of campaigns require monitoring. Organic search requires continued work of adding more content, building quality inbound links and making sure each web page you put up is fully optimized for a single keyword or phrase.

PPC requires a slightly different approach to keyword research and a LOT more knowledge, testing and tweaking. IF you fail to test, tweak and keep on top of your PPC campaigns, you can lose a substantial amount of money very quickly.

PPC lets you see within a few days, sometimes within a few hours, whether that campaign will be profitable or can be made profitable.


Don’t worry about the debate over which is superior because that’ll never end and your personal style, business plan and goals may make the debate meaningless to you.

Some marketers use the various Web 2.0 platforms to test their keyword research on various niches using organic search results BEFORE they even think about buying a domain name and building a business in that niche. The Thirty Day Challenge teaches this approach.

There is no single path to success or failure. Your business plan, goals and testing will help you. Testing is vital in every marketing technique you use but I believe the most successful marketers use organic search and PPC rather than organic search or PPC.

Organic Search or PPC Which is Better?
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