5 Ways To Engage Your Customer And Make Your Business Unique In Your Marketplace

You need strong relationships with your customers to show you’re different than the big box stores & your competitors. Here are 5 ways you can accomplish this.

Each of the topics listed below is easiest to implement by individually owned local businesses because they seldom have the constraints and bureaucracy that franchisees, big box stores and e-commerce stores have in place.

  1. Develop a customer service mindset within your business.
  2. Give your employees the ability to solve problems in their department.
  3. Keep detailed customer records.
  4. Share your expertise with your customers.
  5. Make your customers feel special.

Develop A Customer Service Mindset Within Your Business.

Your customers want and deserve a five-star experience and local business owners that want to deliver that to their customers and that train their staff to adopt the mindset that the customer deserves a five-star experience is more likely to develop a loyal customer base.

Give Your Employees The Ability To Solve Problems In Their Department.

Employees that are given the power to solve problems that arise with both customers and staff within their department are more likely to buy into the concept of giving great customer service and they are usually happier in their jobs.

Keep Detailed Customer Records.

You and your staff should have a good CRM that lets you keep detailed notes on what your customers purchase plus as much information about how they’re going to use it, their family, their job and any other information that you can garner from them.

This information will let you identify traits that are common among your best customers. Once you have this information, you can use it in your marketing to attract more of the type of customer that’s ideal for you and your business.

Share Your Expertise With Your Customers.

You can also use the information gathered above to create educational programs that will allow you to educate them on how to get the most out of their purchases and additional things that you carry that may help them reach their goal faster, easier or cheaper.

Free educational information, seminars and personalized plans will really help your customer appreciate you and your staff.

Make Your Customers Feel Special.

When you have information on your customers that includes birthdays, anniversaries and more, you can send them cards, gifts, create specials that are only for them and more that are only good during the special occasions.

Never underestimate the value that a handwritten note, birthday card, anniversary card or holiday card instills in a customer.

Not every business owner or staff member will take the time, spend the effort or acknowledge the special events and you doing so will help you stand out and that could go a long way towards creating customer loyalty.

These tips are designed to help you build a five-star reputation within your company and in the minds of your customers which will make it easier for them to decide to continue doing business with you and for you to get them to leave glowing reviews for you online when you take the time to actually ask them for reviews.

A consistent supply of five-star online reviews in multiple online directories will help you build your authority online and in your community.

With the right processes in place, these reviews can be marketed on your website, on your social media profiles and they can be used in your off-line marketing.

You need to know your starting point by checking out your current online visibility and reputation by visiting here.

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5 Ways To Engage Your Customer And Make Your Business Unique In Your Marketplace

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