Your business and the search engines should have a symbiotic relationship because you need each other to survive. Work together and you both profit.

The reality is that you need them more than they need you because of the sheer number of websites there are online


Search Engines

Search engines were created to help people find the information they seek. Their goal is to accomplish by indexing the websites on the internet and placing them into categories that can be quickly searched. The results returned when someone types in the words or phrases they think will bring the sites they are seeking are the bread and butter for both your site and the search engine.

These words and phrases are known as keywords for a reason. They ARE the key to your traffic from the search engines and they are vital to the advertising the search engines sell.

Your Business

You create a website for your business so you can show your visitors your wares, make initial contact or start building a relationship with them.

If you’ve followed the basic search engine optimization techniques on creating your website and its content, you will have each page of your site focused on one specific keyword or keyword phrase. This tight focus makes it easier for the search engines to correctly index your page and place it in the most appropriate category.

Your visitors benefit from this compartmentalization as well because they will see content that is more tightly focused. If you have multiple pages that have similar content, linking them to the related pages helps your visitors AND the search engines find this related information.


The more you structure your website like the search engines need them and optimize the individual pages the better each page will do at getting positioned correctly in the search engine results.

Your business, search engines and the searchers are more intertwined than many realize and its time business owners, copy writers, webmasters and web designers started to get back to basics and build sites that deliver what the searcher and search engines need in a format they can understand and use effectively.

Your Business and Search Engines

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