5 Ways To Get More Customer Reviews


Good online customer reviews are the lifeblood of local businesses because they help build trust. Here are 5 things you should do to get more of them.

  1. Create a feedback page
  2. ask your customers for reviews
  3. make it easy for your customers
  4. provide an incentive
  5. thank your customers for their feedback

Create A Feedback Page

You first need to create or claim your listing in the most popular online directories. In addition to that, it’s a good idea to have a feedback page tied to your company website where you invite customers to take a survey then ask them to leave a review.

If you set the system up correctly, you will be able to capture the attention of customers that may have had a bad experience so you can attempt to turn that unhappy customer into a happy customer before they post the review online.

Ask Your Customers For Reviews

You should be building a customer list that includes email addresses and cell phone numbers so that you can follow up with customers to ask them to leave a review for you on the private feedback page that you have created.

People are busy and the purchase of they just made is probably going to be used to solve a problem and that is front and center in their thinking. A follow-up email or text campaign may catch them at a time that’s more appropriate.

Make It Easy For Your Customers

The email campaign or text message campaign that you used to follow up with your customers to ask them to leave a review or to complete a survey should include a link to your feedback page.

Your feedback page should also give the customer’s at least three different online directories that they can get to by clicking a link to leave a review online at the directory of their choice.

Provide An Incentive

It’s okay to provide an incentive to take a survey but it’s never okay to reward someone for leaving your business a positive review online.

If you get caught offering an incentive for a positive review on Google My Business, Yelp and other online directories, you are violating the Terms of Service of these directories and your listing may be deleted and then banned for life.

The penalty is not worth the risk.

Thank Your Customers For Their Online Reviews

Everyone likes to receive acknowledgment for things they do and your customers are no exception.

Positive and negative reviews left directly on online directories are going to be there indefinitely unless the customer removes it.

Every time you respond to a positive review it’s a chance to thank the customer for their patronage and invite them back to shop again.

Each negative review that’s posted directly on an online directory is an opportunity for you to acknowledge the customer’s dissatisfaction and invite them back into your store to see if you can make them happy customers.

Sometimes customers that had a bad experience that the owner turned into a positive experience turn out to be the best customers.

A professional response to a negative review that has been posted online shows the world that you care about your reputation and that you want to provide good customer service to try and make things right.

Each and every online directory is a potential digital storefront for your business and the reviews posted on each of those directories could be the piece of information that helps them decide to enter your digital store (website) or to call or visit your place of business.

Do you know if you have a presence on the major online directories and whether or not you have an online reputation? Find out here.

5 Ways To Get More Customer Reviews

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