Are You Continuously Building Your Online Reputation? You Should Be


Online reviews have a shelf life of about 6 months before prospects start discounting the value of a review. See why these reviews are vital to your business.

online reputationHere’s some of the ways online reviews can help your business:

  • Every customer review that’s posted on an online directory, whether good or bad, is a recommendation for or against your business.
  • The average consumer reads 6 to 10 reviews about a business before deciding whether or not they trust them enough to give them their business.
  • The number of reviews that you have on any given online directory will be compared to your competitors that are listed on the same results page from the search that is done on that directory.
  • A consistent supply of fresh reviews to each of your online directory listings lets the management of that online directory know that your business is still active.
  • Google uses your online reviews as a ranking factor when they go to determine where to place your business in the search engine results page.
  • 92% of consumers stated that they read online reviews before making a buying decision and 84% of them stated that the online reviews that they read play a role in deciding what product or service they are going to buy from any given vendor.

78% of respondents to a recent survey stated that they trust online customer reviews that are placed on online directories just as much as recommendations from friends and family.

In some niches, business owners are saying that they are getting at least 80% of all new business from people that only used online reviews to make a buying decision.

Some respondents, however, stated that they did visit the company website before calling or going to the business.

Online customer reviews are the new word-of-mouth advertising and they are usually visible until you remove a directory listing or the consumer removes the review.

This customer feedback could be the single biggest factor in improving the ROI that you experience on any type of marketing done online or off-line for your business.

Visit to get an overview of what your online reputation currently looks like on some of the major directories then share this with your friends and colleagues and leave your thoughts below.

Are You Continuously Building Your Online Reputation? You Should Be

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