Can you automate social bookmarking and is it wise to do it? I’ll let you decide that after reading this article and visiting the recommended site.

When done correctly, social bookmarking is a very good source of both highly targeted traffic and inbound links from valued sites

Bookmark the wrong way and you’ll get your accounts deleted, blocked or the links you add will be useless because the bookmarking site will have you flagged as a spammer.

The best way to get your site in the different services is to write content your visitors actually WANT to bookmark. You can work with a team of like minded webmasters that bookmark each other’s sites on a rotating basis so you aren’t tooting your own horn which violates the terms of many services.

Staggering which sites you bookmark to is helpful too and some webmasters maintain 2 or more accounts which can also be considered spammy.

Regardless of the method you choose for your business, I think you’ll agree that social bookmarking can be VERY time consuming.

There are a few pieces of software on the market that have tried to solve the problem of time, spam, etc. but most failed for one reason or another. Cost is another inhibiting factor for many of the so called solutions.

I recently came across a software solution that can automate social bookmarking and it has fixed many of the obstacles we face and it’s constantly being updated. I wouldn’t call it cheap but considering what it does and the time it saves, it is worth the investment for ANYONE that values their time. See if this automate social bookmarking software is for you.

Automate Social Bookmarking

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