I wrote an article recent that asked whether PPC or SEO was better and why the answer is important to you and your marketing plan. This is a continuation of my research into PPC. 

I may or may not have mentioned that I started taking a course on pay-per-click search engine advertising just so I would better understand an advertising medium that I considered an enemy. What I’ve discovered has been an eye opening experience.


Surprise 1

The majority of the PPC ads I’ve seen in the 2 niches I’m researching fail miserably at including basic SEO principals in their ads. As a result, the advertisers are, in my opinion, leaving money on the table 

I’ll use Google in this example because they are the biggest for both organic searches AND PPC.

Google highlights the searched words when the results are shown by bolding them. These bold words naturally draw attention to your PPC ad OR your organic result IF you were smart enough to include the keywords you are targeting. If possible, include these words in the title, ad copy and you URL so the search phrase is highlighted as often as possible.

Surprise 2 

I listened to an interview with an ex Google employee turned Internet Marketer that actually confirmed many of my beliefs that using basic search engine optimization techniques actually improves the response rate for PPC ads.

He couldn’t state the exact boost received by advertisers bur Overture did a study several years ago the showed a double digit increase in the click-thru rate when the searched phrase was in the PPC ad. 

The interview I listened to can be found here and if you aren’t familiar with search engine optimization you can grab a 7 day free trial at SEO Tips for Beginners.

PPC and Search Engine Optimization

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