You cannot be an expert in every traffic generation method available to you for your website. Concentrate first on the method that fits your style.

Once you’ve mastered that method, it’s time to start adding additional methods one at a time until you are receiving visitors from multiple sources. Failure to follow this strategy may result in less than an ideal traffic flow.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is good for the basics and your efforts, when done correctly, will deliver highly targeted traffic. This traffic generation method can be time consuming and it may take months to receive a decent volume. This method is my favorite because knowing basic SEO practices helps me improve almost every other method I use to get targeted visitors to my website.

Article Writing 

Article writing is my preferred method of website promotion in addition to search engine optimization. The reasons I like this method are:

  • I get to share the knowledge of my subject in each article which helps show my expertise.
  • Each article brands my name which increases my web presence and credibility in my field.
  • Each article gives me the opportunity to get 2-3 hyperlinks pointing to my site with anchor text I choose. These links help improve my ranking in the search engines
  • Each article gets indexed by the search engines so it receives free traffic my website may not have received. Well written articles are often indexed higher than pages on your own website when they have been search engine optimized and bookmarked on some of the social bookmarking sites so they have inbound links.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

Pay-per-click gets you targeted traffic much faster IF your budget has room for the expense. This traffic generation method can be VERY expensive if you don’t know what you are doing, don’t track your advertising and are willing to pay for traffic on an ongoing basis. The traffic from this method will cease once you stop paying.


There are many more ways of getting visitors to your website and some are free while others require a cash or time expenditure. I’ve covered several of them in other articles on this site but the three listed above seem to be the most popular outside of email marketing and social bookmarking. You should never rely on just one method of traffic generation.

Traffic Generation and You

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