The 2008 version of the 30 Day Challenge kicked off August 1st and as a participant of the preseason, I can honestly say that you WILL benefit by participating.

This training is free to all comers but you must be willing to work to understand the basics as Ed Dale teaches them. If you are willing to expend some effort, your current business and learn how to use a variety of services and techniques in different ways, your business will prosper.

Imagine being able to subscribe to hundreds of RSS Feeds and being able to scan them and pick out the gems in a few minutes.

Maybe you are in a good niche and would like to train your customers and prospects to follow you on a couple of social media services which allows you to deliver highly targeted information instantly with 100 percent deliverability and no email filters. This training teaches you WHY this is so valuable and how to benefit from it regardless of your niche.

Each and every new 30 Day Challenge introduces the participants to cutting edge technology and techniques that often become mainstream and widely used 6 – 12 months down the road.

The first lesson is valuable for both newcomers and experienced business people because it addresses the 4 parts of a successful campaign. You are also taught how to start the process of identifying niches that many or may not be profitable. (I can tell you from past experience that this lesson is the foundation you can build a business with down the road. I used the techniques in these early lessons last year to more tightly focus an existing blog and increase the passive traffic received from the search engines.)

Multimedia is used as the preferred teaching method and there is never a cost to participate in this training.

You can have an established brick and mortar business, a digital product, physical product or service type. As far as this training is concerned, you only need a desire to learn, an internet connection and the ability to use a mouse while watching videos to benefit from the 30 Day Challenge.

Business People Should Check This Out

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