Having the right business tools is essential if you hope to achieve any level of success and there are both good and bad tools in every industry.

I’m going to share with you a tool that is going to become a staple for many online marketers when the final version is released next month.

This tool is unique in the fact that it has taken the functionality of several very good tools and combined them into a single piece of software.

I can do almost everything this piece of software does without it BUT the cost of doing it using multiple methods is several hours of my time. My initial tests with this product shows I’m saving approximately 5 hours of research on EVERY niche I’ve examined so far.

What would you do if you could cut your niche research down to a fraction of your current research time? Once you’ve found the potential keyword you want to use, you can check it out to see how well the top sites in that niche are optimized for the phrase to see whether you have a chance to rank higher than them in the short term or long term.

Would it be useful to know whether others are making money in the niche and approximately how much?

Here is some of the information you can see using this software:

  • The number of Searches
  • The SEO Traffic
  • The Adwords Traffic
  • The Adwords CTR
  • The Adwords CPC
  • The Adwords Competition
  • The SEO Competition
  • OCI = The commercial income potential
  • The Adwords Value
  • The SEO Value

This software is having new modules come online during the month of August and participants of the 30 Day Challenge are getting to test drive every aspect that’s currently active and new modules as they come online.

I used this to research keywords within a niche where I have a good idea of the keywords within the niche. This software returned most of the keywords I expected and the estimated commercial value also fell within what I’ve already experienced.

Imagine having a tool that lets you research a niche, narrow down the keywords in that niche AND determine whether you could make money with that phrase BEFORE you buy a domain or write any content.

You can learn more about this amazing software, how to use it and take it for a serious test drive before it hits the market by going through the first 7 days worth of lessons at the 30 Day Challenge which will only cost you some time.

Business Tools Are Essential
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