Static Websites aren’t indexed as fast as blogs but I usually get them indexed in 5-7 days by doing the following for both types of sites:

Create at least a 5 page site. The home page, privacy policy, disclaimer and a visitor sitemap can be 4 of them. Create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google through Webmaster Tools. you will need to verify you are the site owner by adding a meta tag or an HTML file with information Google provides.

Visit to add your XML sitemap to Yahoo. You’ll need to verify there too. Note: Yahoo seldom indexes fast.

Google likes to find your site by following links from other sites. To help them find my sites, I do the following:

  • Submit every post to (This works for static sites too.)
  • Stumble every post using the StumbleUpon Toolbar You will get a short burst of traffic from this but they seldom take action. Each time you stumble a page of yours, you need to stumble at least 8 other pages within the same or a similar category. It takes time but this is a good opportunity to do 2-3 blog comments on sites within your niche.
  • Visit and use that service to submit your site to 5-6 social bookmarking sites. Many do NOT allow you to bookmark your own stuff for public display. Digg is one of those. I usually use:,,, Google bookmarks, and Technorati. These are used on a rotating basis with some of the others included on occasion. If all were used EVERY time, I would be seen as a spammer. By mixing them up and bookmarking other sites too, it looks more natural and my links are more likely to be counted.

These simple steps will usually get a static site in Google in 5-7 days. Blogs have been indexed in as little as 4 hours but never longer than 7 days. The average for blogs is 2-3 days. The above steps also help generate traffic and inbound links that Yahoo counts.

The placement is usually near the top of the search engine results for my primary keyword but it’ll start dropping off in a few days. To keep the ranking high, it’s necessary to start adding more content onsite AND incoming links from Forums, articles in article directories, directories within your niche and blog comments.

Follow the basic search engine optimization techniques like the ones taught at SEO Tips for Beginners and you can easily duplicate my success at getting indexed.

Get Indexed in Google Faster
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