Once you’ve completed the on page optimization the only way to move yourself higher in the results of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is to add more pages of content to your site AND more incoming links.

Note: Some sites with very few pages DO achieve higher PR solely on the number and quality of the inbound links they have.

If you can snag a link from a site with either the .edu or .gov extension, you will enjoy a bounce in your rank. These are usually harder to come by so they are valued. You can look for educational or government blogs that are related to your site to see if they allow comments. Even a blog comment of value that’s outside your niche has value.

Some SEO experts say as much as 30% of your links need to be on off topic sites. The reason for this belief is people naturally have multiple interests so comments that only point to your site is unnatural and frowned on by the search engines.

Repeatedly adding your new pages to the same social bookmark sites is also unnatural and those sites may ban your account or just start ignoring your bookmarks. The search engines will also ignore those bookmarks. If you bookmark your pages across multiple social bookmark sites AND bookmark multiple sites related to your niche and in other niches, it looks more natural so both search engines and the people that pay attention to social bookmarks will notice.

It is EXTREMELY important that you do everything in a natural looking way. Adding too many links in one day, doing too many social bookmarks at once, submitting to too many directories in a day is unnatural. Keep the links or activity in ANY single category to 10 or less per day and you’ll benefit more over time.

Alternate the anchor text you use and send links to interior pages as well as your home page to build authority across the domain.

A Good Tactic

Every time you add a page to your website or post to your blog, submit an article to Ezine Articles and another article to a mass submission service like www.isnare.com if you don’t have article submission software or don’t want to take the time necessary to set it up and use it. You are the only one that can decide whether your money or your time is more valuable to you at this point in your business.

Given time, the above activities will help you build both page rank and traffic to your site.

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Building PageRank and Traffic
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