Pay-per-click is becoming an important tool for marketers for many reasons and Google Adwords is the one vendor most think of for obvious reasons.

When any one service grabs better than 70 percent of the market share on anything you MUST take a serious look at all of their products and services.


Many beginning marketers make the mistake of jumping into PPC before they’ve defined their niche, before they know who their target audience is and before they even know what keywords appeal to the customers they are seeking.

If you don’t know whether there is a market for your product or service and what terminology might be used to find that product or service, how can you possibly think you will have a chance at making a profit?

Even though Google gets more than 70 percent of the searches and any ads placed in Adwords will receive plenty of eyeballs and clicks, you will probably be paying a premium for those clicks and eating up a large chunk of your advertising budget before you even get a chance to test your ad and conversion rate.

Some of the other PPC providers receive less traffic so there are often fewer competitors which means you are less likely to pay as much per click.

If you have a good ad and landing page, you will have a good chance of turning a profit. Marginal ads or landing pages can be tweaked when you aren’t blowing through your advertising budget as fast.

Once you have a landing page and ad that have been optimized and testing shows they are winners, you can expand your campaign to the bigger PPC providers, test additional keywords or add other small PPC search engines.

PPC providers that are classified as small by me are given this tag because of their search volume as compared to Google instead of the size of the company that owns them. Some of these providers are:

  • Ask
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • MSN AdCenter
  • Findology PPC Search
  • Enhance PPC
  • and more

It’s possible to create and test PPC advertising campaigns using Google Adwords but I highly recommend you learn as much as you can about Adwords first. You should also get the website you will be promoting online and indexed by Google BEFORE you even think about doing pay-per-click.

A site that Google has indexed and is delivering traffic to is more likely to get a higher quality score which means your cost per click will probably be lower than it would be if you were submitting a new site.

Some of these less used PPC search engines offer you PPC credit in your account the first time you create an account and fund it with the amount they specify. Search123 will place $20 in your account when you put in $50 on account creation and Yahoo will give you $25 if you make the minimum deposit.

I can’t think of a better way to extend my advertising budget to test my offer before moving to Google where I know everything needs to be ready to profit from the beginning and I hope you use a similar mindset.

Grab your new accounts at 7search or Ask, make the required deposits and start selling and testing without busting your PPC budget.

Google Is Not the ONLY PPC Vendor

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