Most of us are earning less than our potential and this article discusses a few things you can do to create a more positive cash flow.

Watch, Listen and Learn

Watch what the top people in your field are doing, listen to what they say on how they got where they are and learn to emulate their success.

Example: Tiger Woods is widely recognized as the best golfer in the world at this time. A few of the things that have helped Tiger get where he is and stay there.
  1. Practice – He is often one of the first on the course to practice and one of the last to quit his practice sessions.
  2. Coaching – He has a personal coach that works with him to help spot when his technique is being unconsciously changed.
  3. Goals – Tiger has stated that he starts EVERY season with a set of goals he’s shooting for that year.

You might be saying to yourself that you aren’t a golfer or at his level so how does that related to you and making money. Here is how:


You MUST have written goals that can be measured to see what kind of progress you are making. These goals are your roadmap that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be. The written goals are a symbolic commitment to yourself to take action to make them become your reality.


Every profession has certain fundamentals that you can practice so they are as automatic as breathing.


There are all kinds of training in almost every field that will help you improve yourself or your skills. There are numerous free or paid programs that you can use to advance.

Do NOT automatically discount free or VERY inexpensive training because some of this training is as good as if not better than courses selling for hundreds if not thousands of dollars IF you are willing to take action.

Tiger tried going a year without his personal coach and that was a VERY bad year by his standards. The next year, he hired his coach back and his winning ways returned with a vengeance.

You don’t have to be a Tiger Woods to find a mentor or a mastermind group within your field that can hold you accountable and help you reach your personal goals. Mentor Gold is just one example of free training from proven earners.

Why You Are Making Less Than You Could
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