If you’ve been following the news, you know the world is in an economic crisis with major corporations and banks needing attention NOW. Employees must wait.

I don’t know about you but I think my budget is just as important as General Motors even though I’m not responsible for thousands of jobs and I’m willing to bet you feel the same way about your budget.

If you study economics and history, you’ll discover that 80 percent of new job creation and a good percentage of the gross national product for the U.S. come from small business owners.

Until these small businesses experience positive cash flow and growth, our economy will struggle or continue to decline.

The smartest of these business owners have a sound business plan and cash set aside so they can take advantage of the opportunity that has been presented to them.

During bad times, there are ALWAYS opportunities to grow and profit from the situation. People are living in fear, are on tight budgets and they will often jump on any reasonable sounding opportunity or solution that is presented.

These smart business owners will present viable solutions to existing problems so they can profit now AND they prepare their infrastructure for expansion while prices are low. Upgrading their building, equipment, etc. while prices are depressed saves these businesses money and it is a sound capital investment once values for assets start to climb again.

If you are an employee instead of a business owner, you might want to consider starting your own business so YOU have some control over your destiny.

Donald Trump has stated numerous times that if he lost every penny he has that he would start rebuilding his fortunate by starting a network marketing business with a sound company. This business model has a bad reputation because of the scams that have tried to emulate a good network marketing business.

If network marketing isn’t your cup of tea, there are MANY other business models and many willing to mentor you, for a price.

Choose the business model that suits your needs AND one mentor you are willing to learn from and then take action on the advice they offer.

As I see the world economic situation, you and me are on our own in the short term so you need to decide what is right for your personality, needs and goals.

Who’s Going to Fix YOUR Economic Situation?

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