I may have mentioned once or twice before that videos hosted on YouTube and other video hosting sites are great ways to get inbound links and traffic.

A video I recently watched stated that YouTube is now the second largest search engine online today. Google is still number 1, YouTube is 2nd and Yahoo is now third.

YouTube might be the top dog in video but they aren’t the ONLY free video hosting site. What’s even more important in my mind is you can use the SAME video in the top 20 video hosting services with slightly different comments for EACH service and get valuable backlinks and quality traffic from these services.

Each of these videos will have a unique URL and you can bookmark them ju8st like you do every other page you like.

People are stressed for time and they are, in ever increasing numbers, turning to multimedia sites for information over reading a page full of text.

You are unknown to a lot of people and a well done video that’s anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length is a great way to brand yourself and build credibility with a person BEFORE they visit your website.

From a search engine optimization standpoint, getting inbound links from video hosting sites that usually have a high Google PageRank is good.

Videos are searched for by keywords so taking the time to correctly target your video using basic keyword research will make it easier to put the right video in front of the right audience.

All age groups now watch videos online since YouTube has been in the news so much.

If you are like me, you might think you are too busy to make a video or you don’t have everything that’s needed to make a quality video.

You are probably wrong about having everything needed to make a video. If you ARE missing one or two items, they are affordable.

If you are going to talk into a camera, a good webcam and microphone are the basics you need.

Those of you that dislike the idea of being on camera can use pictures to create a slideshow that you narrate or have a musical background to.

SEO Tips for Beginners has an ebook in the download section called Tube Traffic that goes into this in more detail. I’ve also uploaded 7 videos so members can watch and see how easy this process can be.

I invite you to visit SEO Tips for Beginners, if you aren’t already a member to see how inexpensive a lifetime membership is.

Videos and SEO

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