Many webmasters install blog scripts and other scripts on their servers and never give them another thought as long as they work. I hope you aren’t. one.

There are many reasons scripts are upgraded by coders and improved functionality and security are just two of them.

If you install a WordPress script on your server and NEVER update it, you have missed some great enhancements and some very important bug and security fixes.

These security fixes are designed to reduce your vulnerability to hackers.

A couple of the major search engines have determined that people that put up spam blogs seldom, if ever, update their blogs so they have decided they will penalize these blogs OR not index them at all.

Do you want to risk being labeled as a spam blog operator?

If not, I strongly suggest you start paying attention to script update notices for ANY scripts you run on your server IF they have any part of them indexed.

I think the decision to penalize if NOT index is geared at bloggers looking to put up blogs with Adsense or affiliate links AND scraped content but security against hack attacks should be a priority for all webmasters.

You might be running a site or blog that delivers fresh and unique content BUT you choose to ignore the script update notices because you aren’t technically savvy OR you are using plugins, themes or other modifications you don’t want to bother making compatible with the updates that can occur on a regular schedule.

Because of your conscious decision NOT to upgrade, you may find your position in Google could be lower and your listing in Technorati might vanish completely. I look at these upgrades as another piece of my search engine optimization and search engine marketing plan.

The last I heard, Technorati was receiving about 40 million searches a day for content in their blog network. Are you willing to risk your chance at receiving even a small piece of that action?

Do You Pay Attention To Upgrades?

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