You have more opportunities to build lasting relationships with your customers than ever before IF you learn how to effectively use Web 2.0 technologies.

You can get online conference rooms with varying capacities and capabilities for a variety of prices. Some of the capabilities available are: full multimedia presentation, the ability to password protect your room so only invited guests participate and your guests can interact with you and each other by voice or chat if you choose.

A few of the things you can do with your voice conference room are:

  • Hold virtual parties. This is a great way to get to know your customers AND you can have door prizes for attendees.
  • Hold online seminars. This is a great way to teach customers how to get the most out of your products or services, to introduce a new product line or to educate your consumer about upcoming events.
  • Provide customer support. Set scheduled hours where you or a designated staff member will be in your room to answer questions or provide a real person to give that little extra TLC customers appreciate.
  • Introduce new products. Hold a series of meetings about new products or services you will be offering to create an informed consumer and a desire to buy what you’ll be offering.
  • There are many other uses for a chat room if you brainstorm and get creative.

Learn how to use social media sites like Facebook, MySpace and Linkedin to your advantage. Twitter is another service you might want to learn to use effectively.

I watched a short video put out by another Internet Marketer this week and I wish I’d saved it or at least his name to give him full credit for the following concept.

He treats social media as a big party. His blog is his home. It’s where he has his favorite stuff that defines his interests and personality. There are links to his different websites because they are what he does and help round him out as a whole person.

His Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts are parties he attends so he can socialize and make contacts. Business is NOT the focus. (You don’t push your business at real world parties so why would you at online parties.)  if a friend or a friend of a friend wants to find out what he does, they can visit his profile, blog or websites.

The goal of these online parties is to build an expanding network of friends that recommend you to THEIR friends when that friend is looking for something you sell.

By using social media to build friendships, you are building trust and people are more likely to buy from someone they know and trust.

I dare you to look at your online or offline businesses to see how you can use the interactive features of Web 2.0 to survive and thrive in any economic environment.

Is Your Business Adapting to Web 2.0?
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