I’ve written that goals are important to your success, the Law of Attraction is about telling the Universe what you desire the most and this article shows why.

I was selling imprinted T-shirts and computers in 1994 and my father was selling T-shirts in another location. He was approached by a man that knew there was money to be made in the custom imprinting business but he didn’t have a clue as to what he needed or even the scope of the questions that needed asked.

Dad is NOT computer literate but he knew what this guy wanted to do required one so he pointed him in my direction. (I’ll refer to him as Joe in this article.)

The first thing Joe did when we met was to introduce himself and tell me what he wanted to do. After I took 15 minutes to tell him what his software and hardware requirements were going to be, he wrote everything down then started asking me questions about my business and me.

Joe spent the next hour finding out everything he could about me, my business and my ethics.

Before he left that day, I knew his goal for the business, I knew that he wanted training for him and his hired help and I had some insight into his personality.

This was going to be a custom order of some very expensive hardware and the trust between us was vital since payment in full WITHOUT a credit card was required.

Joe’s vision of what he wanted was so clear that he could accurately describe it to me. This allowed me to accurately define then acquire the equipment he needed then teach him and his help how to do what was needed to create the finished products.

My ability to communicate my abilities, to demonstrate some of the basic uses of the software he would need and I even let him do a bit with the software before he decided to do business with me.

The result was that I ended up profiting from a computer sale and a month’s worth of consulting. Joe ended up with a business that has been profitable since 1994 and we can call on each other whenever either of us feels the desire or need.

This clarity of vision is important for every destination even if it isn’t business related.

If you are dreaming about a house that you want, you need to define it as clearly as possible to yourself long before you even think about buying or building it. There are several reasons you want to do this.

  • This clear picture firmly tells you, your loved ones and the Universe exactly what you desire.
  • This clarity lets you clearly explain to a realtor or an architect EXACTLY what you are seeking so they can find it or create it.
  • This clarity makes it easier to define the costs that you’ll be facing.
  • The more clearly you define your goal the easier it is to see it as something real that already exists.
If you thought a dollar amount was your goal, you were wrong. The money you earn from your job or business is a tool you use to survive and to help you turn your dreams into your reality. The ultimate destination is the house, cars, boats or joy you have of being in control of your future.

Why Knowing Your Destination Is Vital | An Example
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