Social network sites like Twitter are great marketing tools when used correctly. Unfortunately, too many try to sell before building relationships.

Twitter is an awesome tool in ways that other social networks can’t begin to touch.

The biggest challenge and advantage of Twitter is the 140 character with spaces limit that we must live with. Many new users and some veteran users see this as a drawback but I see it as a plus.

The size limit on your post makes you THINK about the words you write. This exercise by itself will help you become a better copy writer.

A 140 character limit will help you keep your ego out of the message. You MUST focus on the desired action if you want the results you are seeking from your tweet.

If you wish to get readers of your tweet to visit your blog or web page for more information, you need to quickly and clearly state the biggest benefit to THEM for taking the action you desire. Thinking about the benefits of your page or post as if you are a consumer lets you see flaws in your copy BEFORE you present it to anyone else.

Asking for and getting honest feedback from your Twitter friends’ lets you refine your offering before you start a marketing campaign.

Every time you tweet a free tip, something that shows your character, something that hints at your ethics and any other useful information that moves you from stranger to someone known and trusted to a degree, you are making a sale easier to get.

You may be well known and respected in your market but someone new to that market might not even know your name. If your name in known, there may have been misinformation or little information of substance so the trust factor is not present.

Twitter and other social network sites all give you a chance to build that trust but I think Twitter is the easiest for novices to use and learn from without getting intimidated.

In my opinion, to effectively use Twitter as a marketing tool, you must list your interests (keywords) in your bio, attract a large following of people with similar interests, freely share your expertise to show you know your stuff, share enough about YOU to show you are a real person, share enough of your non professional passions to let people find something in common with you OTHER than business and ALWAYS be honest to yourself and those you interact with.

What you write on Twitter will reveal who you are even if you can’t see it AND everything you write WILL be searchable in both the Twitter search engine and the major search engines.

Twitter and Marketing

2 thoughts on “Twitter and Marketing

  • February 8, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    Thanks for the great info on Twitter. It really makes you think about writing that great “tweet”.

    How do you get followers on Twitter?

    Jim Clary

    • February 14, 2009 at 6:38 pm

      How do you get followers on Twitter

      Hi Jim,

      The report 5 Steps to Twitter Success that I mention in my report gives good advice but one way is to do a search for profiles that have the keywords that interest you then start following those people. Many of them will follow you back if your profile has your keywords, if you’ve been tweeting on topic and if your real name and picture are present.

      Happy tweeting.


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