Many people find membership sites great places to learn and others see them as awesome business models but are they right for you?

How you learn depends on whether a membership site is a good fit for you.

Some membership sites are text only so someone that needs to both see and hear the material to fully understand the concept won’t do as well with this type of membership. If you need live feedback in real time, you may need to look at membership sites that have webinars or tele-seminars where you can ask questions and receive immediate feedback.

Membership sites may or may not have:

  • a monthly fee.

  • a forum.

  • text as well as multimedia lessons.

  • live member only webinars, seminars or tele-seminars.

The offerings at any given membership site can vary greatly from one topic to another because each topic requires something different to serve the customer best.

Membership sites related to business might be broken down into several tightly focused sites that cover just one aspect of the business. Some of the topics for these tightly focused sites could be:

  • Internet Marketing Experienced
  • Internet Business Success Stories
  • Public Domain Club
  • Mobile Ebooks Clu
  • Adsense Club
  • Podcasting Club
  • Blogging Club
  • Article Everyday Club
  • Resell Rights Club
  • Goals Club
  • Retail Business Club
  • Camtasia Club
  • Ebay Club
  • IM Strategies Video Club
  • Outsourcing Club
  • Photoshop Club
  • Photoshop Club 2.
  • Scriptmasters Club
  • Article Database
  • Big G Marketing Club
  • YouTube Traffic Club
  • PLR Academy
  • Promo Page Generator
  • Screencast Club
  • Internet Marketing Course
  • Affiliate Marketing Course
  • List Building Course
  • Traffic Generation Course
  • Personal Growth Club
  • Affiliate Video Club
  • Grand Central Marketing Club
  • YouTube Mania Club
  • Goal Achievers Club
  • Craigslist Marketing Club
  • SEO Tips For Beginners

The drawback with tightly focused sites like this is you can quickly drain your wallet BEFORE you learn how to make money even if the memberships were all one time payments or lifetime memberships.

There are ways you can join all of the above AND more for $67 a year but I’ll share that after I’ve had time to fully check out each of the 70 sites in the package.

Note: The majority of the sites would cost you $7 per month if purchased separately and most are outside of the business and marketing fields. SEO Tips For Beginners is owned by me and there is a discount coupon to it in Twitter and SEO a Free Report.

SEO directly or indirectly affects just about every method of advertising online and many aren’t practicing the basics because they don’t know them, don’t know what questions to ask or don’t want to pay the higher prices charged for more advanced courses or membership sites.

You are the decision maker on what way you learn best, what goals you have and the path you intend to travel to reach your goals. Almost every marketer I know belongs to at least one membership site even if it’s a list builder like ViralMoneyList.

Are Membership Sites Right For You?

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  • June 3, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    Membership site are excellent sources of passive,steady and recurring income. As mentioned by the writer, it is a good way to benefit from your hobby, this is a great to marry your passion and your business. Thanks for this article.


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