I recently wrote a report titled Twitter and SEO and gave it away as a free report through on of my blogs and by announcing it to my followers on Twitter.

At the time, I only had about 75 followers but with that rebrandable report and the help of a couple of friends, the word spread and the number of people visiting the download page is averaging about 25 a day even after 2 weeks of it being tweeted and retweeted.

I’m picking up 5-10 new followers a day on Twitter with minimal effort, if any, and a number of these are starting to tweet the reports they’ve branded with THEIR name on them.

My name and the knowledge is being shared with people I never would have contacted on my own and some of those are choosing to seek ME out to see what other useful information I can and will share.

That report has helped push my Twitter list over 200 which surpasses my email optin list on the subject of SEO.

Every time I write a new post that fits my Twitter profile, I post the pertinent info in a tweet and a number of people will visit the article and read it because it is free information that fits their desires.

Twitter is a social networking tool that is extremely addictive and VERY powerful for both good and bad.

When used correctly, you can connect with people you might not have been able to reach by telephone, email or other methods.

If you misuse this tool you may lose your credibility, followers or Twitter account.

People don’t like to be sold to but they love to buy from those they know and trust.

Create reports, posts, videos and other tools that share your expertise, can be rebranded or are entertaining and your followers will start to know you and they just might have a certain level of trust in you.

When you create something they can put their name on, you are increasing the likelihood that they’ll share it with others in their network. The promoter of a report that has their name on it gives that person a certain amount of credibility even if they didn’t write the report.

Viral Marketing Still Works VERY Well
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