I recently shared my affiliate link for a free 89-page report that reveals how to make money with CPA offers and I received that and more because of you.

The basic report is very good and it is well worth exchanging my email address for BUT I received 2 bonuses by referring 4 people to this free report that will let me create a complete business that uses both pay-per-click advertising AND free traffic from the search engines.

How to set the system up to receive free traffic requires research, money for domains and web hosting, WordPress and time.

The segment on using WordPress is in a series of videos that will take you 168 minutes to watch. Trust me when I say that you WILL watch parts of the video more than once IF you choose to grab this free report and then share it with others until you have at least 4 personal referrals.

Anyone that’s REALLY ambitious can refer 500 people to this free report to receive the bonus called Pay Per Click Formula 2.0.

For those of you that don’t know what CPA means it is an acronym for Cost Per Action. Anyone that chooses to work as a CPA affiliate is getting paid for lead generation.

As with any business model, there are risks and rewards. The potential for profit is huge and those that don’t do their homework well and don’t properly manage their business can lose big as well.

There is also room for CPA affiliates that are looking for a few hundred a month.

I’m relatively new to CPA and I’m relying strictly on free traffic generation methods at this time and they are limited because of all my other projects BUT I’m already generating commissions and I expect to reach the $100 minimum required to receive a check in the next 30-60 days.

I know that isn’t much but I’m only investing about 20 minutes a day on this business. I know that I can seriously ramp this up by following the teachings I’ve received in the free report and bonuses.

Thanks again to those that clicked my affiliate link for this report. You can learn more about making money with CPA by downloading your copy of this free 89-page report .

Thank You for Your Help

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