Internet marketers are finally broadcasting and writing about CPA as a business model even though some of them have been quietly raking in a fortune for years.

I wrote an open letter last week thanking people that had downloaded an 89 page report on CPA from my affiliate link. This report coupled with a mentor that has been working this business model for years has let me reach the minimum amount required to receive a check during the next pay period.

My cost to generate this income is an Internet connection, web hosting, a domain name and consistent daily actions.

I’ve had some success with PPC using Ask Sponsored Listings that matched my initial deposit up to a preset dollar amount but my background is SEO so I’m concentrating on it more than any other advertising medium until my primary site is well established. The Ask account manager helped me write my ad and helped me refine my keywords so my test campaign was only costing 12 cents a click with half that being my money.

As nice as they were, I’m more comfortable with SEO and other traffic generation efforts that require only time.

I acquired resale rights to a book this week that fits in perfectly with my free traffic generation methods. This book gives you a very hot niche that is big enough for MANY people to work in and profit from.

I’m talking about a business model that doesn’t require your own domain or web hosting BUT I strongly suggest you put that in place to make it easier to get accepted by some of the CPA networks.

The blueprint laid out for you only covers 22 pages BUT there is no fluff, no filler and the plan can be followed by a newbie.

The author of CPA Movie Cash has included Master Resell Rights for those that wish to sell the report to recoup the $7.00 they spent to get this knowledge.

When you combine the knowledge from last weeks free report with CPA Movie Cash, you have more than enough knowledge to add a few hundred or a few thousand to your bank account each month if you are willing to learn the blueprint and then do the work necessary to reach your goals.

CPA Is HUGE and Hot as a Business Model

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