I want to acknowledge that what I’m about to share with you isn’t for everyone for a variety of reasons.

I’m talking about giveaway events so the close-minded can ignore the rest of this and get on with their day.

When I was new I completely ignored these events because I didn’t have a list and didn’t want one. – Boy was I wrong and clueless.

JV Giveaway Events

My next step was to join every event and then spend hours downloading EVERYTHING.

This consumed a LOT of hard drive space and most of it was never read or used. – What a waste of time, effort and potential growth on my part.

The next step in my growth was joining many, but not all, giveaway events and downloading ONLY stuff that fit in my current niche, potential niches, that could help me gain knowledge about my business or could fill a specific need. – This is progress.

  • During this phase, I acquired PLR I actually rewrote into content for my blogs and for distribution to article directories.
  • I’ve acquired PLR WordPress templates I can edit AND put my name on as the author. (Imagine giving away themes with a link back to YOUR site without the normal link building work.)
  • I’ve also grabbed a number of resell rights and PLR products that I can revamp into completely different products without starting from scratch.

Each of the above either has saved me hours of work or they will when I get to them. I say when because I joined one PLR event that gave me 300 articles on 3 different segments of one of my niches. I’ll save anywhere from 1-2 hours per article for each of the 300 articles I rewrite. I could outsource this rewriting task IF I choose but I’d still need to proofread and rewrite into my style so I’m cutting that expense out.

My current status is to FINALLY be a contributor to a giveaway event so I can build my own lists in one or more niches.

I’ve submitted a report that I wrote as my gift so it’ll be something that’s not seen at EVERY giveaway.

I encourage you to look at YOUR business to see whether you’d benefit from building a list by contributing to an event that doesn’t look at your list size before they let you join. If you aren’t ready to contribute, I know there are a few quality gifts that haven’t been over exposed. You can also save this to join as a person just looking for gifts.

JV Giveaway Events

These Aren’t Right for Everyone BUT…
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