Banner advertising DOES work when done correctly and a new opportunity opened the doors this week. I’ll tell you why in this article.

I’ll freely admit that banners aren’t as effective as they used to be for most people. Web surfers are blinded to banners that scream they are ads.

Make your banner text based with no border and it’ll look like it is part of the page. This means you have a CHANCE to get their attention.

If you offer a free report, free trial or something else of VALUE that fits the topic of the page, your chance of getting a click just increased.

Now imagine paying $7 a month for 50,000 impressions which is fairly common BUT you also receive 10 entries into the company wide forced matrix when you upgrade. You also receive 10 additional entries each month your subscription renews.

If you choose to promote this business, you will receive $2 for each personal referral and you will be able to email them from the member’s area.

This company has created an advertising vehicle that gives you passive banner advertising, the ability to add 2 of your current programs and the ability to mail your personal referrals PLUS multiple entries into a matrix that will NEVER have holes or stop growing as long as there are paying advertisers.

Talk about banner advertising that pays YOU to advertise YOUR business. Click the link to read the details on this unique concept and banner advertising opportunity .

P.S. There are slightly more than 500 paid members as of this writing which is on the second day of operation.

This Is A Super Advertising Method
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