If you have a website, blog or any other presence online that you want others to see, you need to find targeted visitors that are interested in your offering.

Here are a few ideas to help you find the crowd you seek.


YouTube and the other top video sites get hundreds of millions of views each month. YouTube alone gets about 100 views a month which is approximately 40 percent of the video viewing traffic. This still leaves millions of viewers for the rest of the top 20 video hosting sites.

You can create videos using screen captures, pictures, a webcam or with a digital video camera. If you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista, you already have free software on your computer that can be used to make videos. Mac users have access to video making and editing software too.

The same video can be uploaded to multiple video hosting sites to get maximum exposure.


Twitter is a social networking site that is very popular right now. In the last few month, Twitter has grown from about 1 million accounts to 8 million. The goal is to engage in conversations with like-minded people using tweets that are 140 characters or less.

If you actually take the time to build a base of followers and to add value to the community, you can generate quite a bit of traffic and business.

I currently have about 650 followers that were acquired mostly through a pair of free reports that I wrote and one of them could be rebranded and given away. Because of these contributions, I’m gaining about 10 followers a day, 10 subscribers to my list a day and 50-100 visitors a day to the website that has he free reports.

The presence of these reports is being tweeted about 3 times a day by me and a couple of friends.


Facebook is another social networking site. This site is currently growing at about 100,000 new accounts per day. It isn’t as easy to use Facebook to market as it is Twitter but Facebook has functions and appeal that Twitter can’t match because they use different approaches.

Other Social Networks

There are almost as many, if not more, niche specific social networks as there are offline trade and industry associations. Socializing in these environments has always been and will continue to be a great way to get known in your industry.


Forums are where people still go to connect with others that have the same or similar interests.

People love to buy but hate to be sold on anything. Each of the above requires socialization to build trust then they may be willing to look at what you are selling or to opt in to receive your newsletter.

Where To Find The Traffic You Need

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