Twitter is a social networking tool that you can use to improve your business if you are willing to learn how to use it effectively.

Many business people feel they must SELL to reach their goals. If you try the hard sell on Twitter, you are going to turn off your followers.

Quit trying to sell and start connecting with and talking to people that have similar interests.

By sharing your expertise and pointing people to more information on your site or related sites, you are improving your credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

As you build your credibility and a slowly increasing bond with the people on Twitter, you can share a link to the product or service they are seeking. This isn’t selling. This is providing a solution to a want, need or problem a friend has.

The most successful marketers in any industry are those that build a connection with their customers.

Some car salesmen have been able to get so connected with their customers that these people wouldn’t think of buying from anyone else.

You can learn to use Twitter to bond with your customers like few other mediums allow.

Top network marketers build relationships with people that go beyond the business they are in together. If the company changes their products, compensation plan or go out of business, this group will move to another opportunity without missing a beat.

Twitter give you a chance to connect and build relationships like top network marketers.

Customers in any business want to feel appreciated and they do NOT like anonymous automation.

You can use Twitter to provide support from a REAL person and on a personal level. This kind of personal attention will help you with customer retention and word of mouth referrals.

Let your Twitter followers get a glimpse of your personal side in addition to your business side and you’ll become more real to them. This gives you a chance to move out of the realm of stranger and towards being a trusted friend.

By building relationships and expanding your base of friends that are interested in stuff similar to yours, you may be surprised at the traffic increase your site will receive and the opportunities that may arise.

Networking with like minded people existed long before the Internet was created. Twitter makes it easier, faster and lets you spread your network across the world.

Twitter Can Make You a Better Marketer

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