Marketing Extreme is a solid marketing and advertising company that has been delivering high value since 2001 and they just opened up a redesigned and much improved site May 1, 2009.

The first 1,000 new members will receive a bonus of 100,000 advertising points.

MarketingExtreme DELIVERS the following to their members:

* High Commissions
* Ultra Responsive Solo Advertising
* Eye Catching Scroller Ads
* High Volume Banner Impressions
* Targeted Downline Building
* Guaranteed Visitors
* eMail Random Members
* Text Ads with Pizazzz!
* Navigation & Traffic Links

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If that’s not impressive enough, let me tell you what is really great about MarketingExtreme.

You get points for almost everything you do and you can trade those points for Advertising!

  • 500 points on joining
  • 15 points for every text ad read
  • 15 points for every HTML ad read
  • 30 points for every solo ad click
  • 20 points for every traffic link read
  • 10 points for every banner ad click
  • 200 points for every referral – wholly cow
  • 5 points for every referral login

You can:

  • Post 5 text ads a day
  • Post 3 HTML ads a day
  • Insert your Referral link for multiple traffic generation and business program in the downline builder.

Those are the points you earn on a free account – imagine what you get with a One Time Upgrade.

Start Your Free Advertising Today!

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