Many of us look for free advertising when we first start our home based business. Is there such a thing and can you afford it?

In my opinion, there is no such thing as completely free advertising once you’ve used up bonus advertising credits or other perks you receive when you join a program.

You will need to trade your time reading other people’s ads for the advertising credits you need to participate in a quality program or you will need to spend money to gain a certain amount of advertising credits each month.

There is a saying that time is money. When you start out, you probably think you have plenty of time and limited cash reserves. The reality is that both are limited and you need to decide whether you can afford to spend 15-30 minutes per program per day to get enough advertising credits to do any good or whether it’d be worth the one time fee offered by Marketing Extreme and others to free up some time.
Three quality advertising programs that can give you good results for your efforts are (Only testing will show what works where.):

Marketing Extreme

Marketing Extreme was recently revamped and the first 1,000 members receive 100,000 advertising points which gives you a chance to thoroughly test before byou decide to upgrade to free up your time.

I know the owner of Marketing Extreme and the quality of the advertising platform being offered so the discounted upgrade presented as a one time offer appealed to me. You must decide for your budget and business whether it makes sense to spend time earning advertising points or spend cash for advertising points so you can use your time advertising in other venues or otherwise building your business.

Step2Infinity is a program that read like many business opportunities online and it is in many ways. The thing that got my attention was my $6 ($5 + fees) bought me into the business opportunity but more importantly i received several hundred dollars worth of solo ads, text ads or banner impressions in safelists. This means my target audience, which is business people would receive my advertisement at their contact email address.

If you use safelist advertising, you know that many are new to online marketing and aren’t aware of the amount of mail they’ll receive and they give up.

Many more experienced marketers use safelist advertising as testbeds for their ads AND to build swipe files.

They’ll scan the ads that come in before deleting to see if any headlines catch their attention. Any headline that gets their attention is worth saving and analyzing later to see what caught their eye.

These saved ads are your swipe file. You can learn what caught your eye so you can use a similar tactic to get someone else’s attention.

I usually offer free reports that will help a business owner grow ANY business in safelists. These people are looking to advertise their current business so giving them the skills they need to succeed makes me look good, brands me as a helpful person and someone they might want to work with in the future.

Use the free or upgraded options of the advertising resources mentioned here and help others while you build your business and you’ll make friends while building your business.

Free Advertising or Almost Free Advertising

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