If you are an advertiser that has written safelist advertising off as useless, I’m willing to bet you weren’t using them the right way.

To succeed in safelist advertising, you must understand who is using them and why.

Look at the signatures in the messages you receive from a safelist and you’ll probably notice that the vast majority are female. Many of these are work at home Moms that are looking to supplement or replace the income they or their partner get from jobs.

This means the audience you will be advertising to is probably new, looking to advertise their current business, is probably on a very tight budget and is a family person hungry to succeed.

This audience is going to be most receptive to free or low cost items that will teach them about their business, help them automate the mundane tasks or help them promote their business.

Every marketer that I know of that uses safelists to get these newcomers and train them on how to do their jobs better without expecting anything other than communication has built a solid base of loyal followers.

The trick in successful safelist advertising, if you want to call it that, is to constantly and consistently test the response rate for each and every safelist you use.

Through my testing, I’ve found that any list that doesn’t require the recipient to click a link to receive credit for reading it to be almost useless.

These lists are overrun with automatic submitters so the advertiser can mass submit to hundreds of lists and have the mailboxes that receive the incoming messages automatically deleted on a preset schedule.

The two types of people that even look at the messages being sent are the newest of the new that quickly learn or leave and the professional marketer that scans ads to see if there are any that catches their attention enough to add to their swipe file.

Credit based safelists also have submitters and upgrade options where top end marketers never have to read messages unless they choose to BUT the vast majority of the users choose free or lower membership options which means your message gets viewed more often.

Adtactics is a credit based list that has over 8,500 members that can be mailed to once every 24 hours if you have enough credits. This list has been very responsive for me over the years. Note: You will receive a LOT of mail with this list so I recommend you use GMail.com for your list mail.

ListJoe is another credit based list free members can mail to once every 7 days. The membership exceeds 30,000 and testing has shown positive results on my offers. You will receive 30-40 messages a day from this service.

List Insomnia, Send It Quick Safelist and Fortune Safelist are 3 more credit based lists I use. The volume of mail from each of these lists varies.

Testing is the only way to know which advertising resources and ads are producing for you.
Getting Safelist Traffic That Counts
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