No is the short answer. The money is in the relationship you have with your list. Many marketers value their list at about $1 per month per subscriber BUT those with good relationships average more.

People are more likely to buy from someone they know and trust.

If you build a list based on a specific topic such as article writing then two thirds of your messages should be tips and discussions on that topic.

You can use personal stories of failure when they relate to the topic so your readers know you were once where they are now. The more you can connect through stories of similar experiences the easier it will be for them to identify with you as a person and this makes it easier to believe your tips and product recommendations.

If, for example, you related a story about using a free auto-responder service that included an ad with each follow-up message you sent, they will be more likely to understand WHY you switched to Aweber and now highly recommend that service.

Marketers that build a list but don’t take the time to build a relationship are much less likely to have high open rates and clicks than those that regularly email messages full of value that also train the reader to click a link to get the rest of the story are going to have higher click rates because the readers are used to clicking links for information.

Which of the two lists listed below would you prefer to own?

List A

A 300 member list that receives messages 3 times a week and the message outlines the content of a blog post and a link is given to read the post. Promotional messages are sent no more than once a week and the promotion is done in the way of a review of whatever is being offered.

List B

A 10,000 member list where messages are sent 3 times a week with the full content delivered in the email. This means words have to be chopped up with periods and other tricks to get past spam filters. No more than one tip a week is sent and the two promotional messages that are sent are obviously copy that was pasted into the email because it’s the same as the messages received from 20 other affiliates.

I don’t know about you but I’m willing to bet the owner of List A outsells the owner of List B EVERY time.

The first list owner has trained the readers to click thru to a blog or website and consistently provides useful information the readers can use. The products recommended are reviewed for quality before they are recommended because the list owner KNOWS their reputation becomes attached to everything they recommend unless they state up front the product or service hasn’t been tested.

If you start building relationships with the people on your mailing list AND teach them to visit your blog or website to read the full story, you will be increasing the targeted traffic to your website AND your readers might see a banner on your site for something that you haven’t emailed about.

Is The Money REALLY In The List?

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