Everywhere you turn these days you will see someone with an MP3 player, PDA, laptop computer smart phone or a combination of any or all of these.

Many of these people are so busy they get almost all if not all of their news and entertainment delivered electronically.

Audio books, audio interviews, YouTube videos and multimedia presentations that can be downloaded onto their laptop, PDA, Blackberry or iPhone has a distinct advantage over print media or websites that MUST be viewed on a static website or in print.

This mobile crowd is usually more affluent and hungry for immediate delivery of what they want.

Create a 30 second audio or video that both informs and tease them into wanting more and you just may get their attention.

A YouTube video that’s informative, funny or quirky just might go viral delivering an unbelievable volume of traffic in a short period of time. One example is the video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain’s Got Talent. Her appearance was that of a dowdy middle-aged woman but the music she creates is so beautiful that the video quickly made international news and it was viewed over 10 million times.

That was a non-commercial example but the result was the television show saw a huge spike in their viewing audience the next time Susan appeared.

I know of several Internet Marketers that are taking the PDFs they’ve created over the years and are converting them either into audios or videos that are sold through Amazon, Google Base or the Apple Store.

Many more are creating free Podcasts that showcase their abilities and skills. These Podcasts can often be subscribed to like a mailing list or RSS Feed. iTunes is one product that works on a Mac or PC that can accept and organize your Podcasts. It also has built into it a way people can buy from the Apple Store without leaving iTunes. This convenience really hooks the mobile crowd.

Studies are starting to emerge that show that people trust a site more when the webmaster has an audio or video of themselves on the site for the visitor BUT the visitor does NOT want the audio or video to play until THEY choose.

Many newspapers have had to add a web based subscription to the print division or discontinue the print version of their publication to stay in business.

Mobile phones are getting more storage space in addition to the ability to connect to the Internet without a computer. How much longer do you think you’ll be able to conduct your online business without catering to a mobile society that gets much of their news, entertainment and even education while on the go?

Marketing Without Multimedia is a Disadvantage

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