This article isn’t political in nature. I’m using current events to show you how you can overcome obstacles you face if you have the desire to deliver a message.

If you have been following the news this past week, you saw or heard about ordinary people in Iran that had a burning desire to deliver a message and Social Media was the venue used.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube may or may not have been their outlets if they’d had multiple choices but the choices available to them were limited.

Even with the obstacles the citizens faced, some were able to use video phones to capture images and videos of what was happening and send these to YouTube, Twitpic or Facebook.

The burning desire to get their message out helped them overcome smashed computers, disabled Internet access or blocked websites.

You probably don’t have hurdles like that to face to get the message out about your business but you should be passionate enough about it to go over, under or around hurdles that do crop up.

No one can be truly successful in their business unless they are passionate about it.

If you have that passion, what you do will be fun instead of being thought of as work.

Your passion will drive you to learn more and to become an authority in your field.

You’ll feel real joy when you successfully share your passion with others. Your joy will show in your writing.

If you use social media sites to connect with others that share your passion, you can exchange ideas, free information and even links to products or services related to your passion.

Actively engage your community and show you are interested in them before you try to share anything commercial and your messages will be received with less resistance.

If you are REALLY passionate about your product or service and have a real message to share, your desire to share that message cannot be stopped.

A Message a Desire and Social Media
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