Email Marketing Is A Good Business Tool

Email marketing is still one of the best ways there is to brand yourself, build trust, drive traffic to your website and make sales.

Many people resist the idea of building a mailing list because it requires work. In addition to the work, you must usually have your own domain and web host.

The mailing list you build is a business asset.

You can have other business assets like your website and products you sell but these assets do NOT have the potential to create new or repeat business like a customer list and a prospect list.

There are many ways to build a prospect list and some of these are:

  • Participate in JV events where you give away a free report, limited membership, etc. in exchange for a name and email address.
  • A video that teases while informing the prospect about the value of your offering before offering a free sample.
  • A classified advertisement that offers free information.
  • A newsletter that contains tips, informative articles and freebies or discounts.

This should be a list that you are constantly and consistently working to build because this group is the pool of potential buyers you have permission to mail to.

You should work on informing, training and building a relationship with your prospects more than you try to sell to them. A number of people use one sales promotion to every 3 or 4 relationship messages. Others use a shorter span between sales attempts.When possible, you need to give your list an overview of the content of your message BUT they must click a link to visit your blog or website to get the rest of the story.This type of message does two things for you.

  1. The reader gets used to clicking links in your emails.
  2. You get targeted traffic to your website or blog that might find other content of interest OR they might click on an ad they see on your site.

Once anyone from any of your lists makes a purchase, they become customers and should be added to a customer only list.

Customers are much more likely to buy again because they trusted you enough once to make a purchase.

A list of buying customers is pure gold if you treat them correctly and build a strong relationship based on trust. This group of people deserves special attention, nurturing and specials others aren’t offered.

Some marketers maintain multiple buyers lists based on product type and price.

There are a number of different services available to manage your mailing lists. I prefer the double optin lists I create at Aweber for all my prospect lists because they have staff dedicated to making sure the deliverability of messages remains high and the double optin gives me proof someone actually made an effort to get on my list. There are a few other good companies too and some with very poor delivery rates.

Hosting a prospect list on your own server usually ends up with a low delivery rate and quite possibly spam complaints because some will cry spam instead of clicking the link to opt out.

You may or may not want to have a simple mailing list script that isn’t a double optin for your buying customers. I prefer the double optin so I have proof of their desire to be on my list but many marketers see that as unnecessary for buyers and listed they’ve purchased that are double optin and verified.

People get so much spam these days with phony opt out links that there is always a chance a good marketer can get a complaint by accident.

A few of the programs I use to build my prospect lists are ViralBuzzAds, Ads List Supreme and Rainbow Marketing System . All three of these programs let me send emails to program members. I send ads offering a freebie with a high perceived value to get these people on MY list so I can begin building a relationship.

I hope this article has given you some ideas on how you can generate more website traffic, brand yourself and make more money using email marketing.

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Email Marketing Is A Good Business Tool

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